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TEYME, S.A. was built in 1968 for the manufacturing of components for industry and, in particular, for the sectors of industrial vehicles (semi-trailers) and railway signalling. Nowadays TEYME S.A. is a reference company in the field of capital equipment, dealing with the different phases of the manufacturing process and with the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical assemblies; as well as with design engineering, in collaboration with our customers for the development and optimisation of equipment and solutions.

Facility and Personnel

TEYME, S.A. relies on a human team highly qualified and industrial facilities in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) of 9.000 m², of which 4.500 m² are built. Along with it comes our flexibility in the adaptation to our customers’ needs and the quality of our work, which altogether allow us to perform our structures and assemblies’ manufacturing activities mainly in 6 sectors.

We work for industry

  • Container terminals.
  • Nuclear
  • Ground support in airports. Airplane ground support sector.
  • Heavy steelworks.
  • Railway.
  • Engineering

In collaboration with our customers, we have placed equipments in different countries: Portugal, France, England, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Canada, United Status of America, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Egipt, South Africa, Taiwan, Israel, etc…