Ethical Code

TEYME, S.A. has an ethical code that is framed by its Crime Prevention Model (MPD in Spain). Herewith lies a list with some of the most relevant topics from the model:


  1. The employee is accountable for reading, understanding and following the guidelines from the MPD and any additional norms that could be applicable depending on his or her position.
  2. The employee must think about the ethical or legal decisions he has to undertake according to the principles of the model.
  3. The employee must respect the laws, rules and norms regarding his job. No fraudulent behavior will be tolerated.
  4. The employee must consult his or her superior in case of doubt regarding the existence or interpretation of the law, norm or regulation, as well as regarding any behavior or conduct.
  5. Any worker that is knowledgeable of a situation that is against the law, must notify the company through the appropriate channels.
  6. The MPD must be applied by all the team of the company in their individual behaviors.
  7. The employee commits to not perform any of the following behaviors:
  • Crimes against the environment
  • Scams or frauds
  • Influence peddling
  • Urban crimes
  • Misappropriation
  • Punishable insolvency
  • Coercions or crimes against other workers through cheating or abuse
  • Apropiación indebida
  1. 8. The members of the company must follow the next behaviors:

– Respect human rights.

– Neither discriminate nor harass in the labor sphere as well as promoting equality of opportunities and relationships.

– ZERO tolerance with violent and/or harmful behaviors, as well as with sexual harassment or of any other type.

– Activities in relation with non-permitted substances such as alcohol or drugs are prohibited.

– Respect and care for the environment.

– Conflicts of interests will be solved according to regulations.

  1. The breach of the norms and regulations compiled in the Compliance program can result in civil or penal responsibilities.
  2. Sanctions are considered in the disciplinary code and will be applied in accordance with the factors that originated the breach.

The content of this form will be exclusively sent to the H.R. Responsible.